USDJPY 6H Risk Control Sniper Strategy

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The RS Sniper trading strategy is designed to be a straightforward yet powerful approach for identifying and executing trading opportunities . This strategy relies on a well-defined technical indicator, the Simple Moving Average (SMA), to determine potential entry points for trades. The SMA is used to smooth out price data and provide a clearer picture of the underlying trend.

The RS Sniper strategy specifically focuses on identifying potential buying opportunities. It does so by comparing the most recent closing price of the USDJPY to the value of the SMA. Once the RS Sniper detects a suitable condition, it takes action by executing a market order. 

Risk Management: Percentage-Based Position Sizing

The algorithm acknowledges the importance of risk management in trading. Rather than using a fixed quantity for each trade, it calculates the trade quantity as a percentage of the account balance. This means that the amount invested in each trade is adjusted based on the available capital, ensuring that a significant portion of the account is not risked on a single trade.


🔷️ Take Profit: 200 pips    

🔷️ Stop Loss: 140 pips        

🔷️ Risk Percentage: 1.0


🟢JAN 2021-OCT 2023 RETURN 1600%+🟢

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Last updated Oct 18, 2023

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USDJPY 6H Risk Control Sniper Strategy

0 ratings
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